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Testimonials From Limau Warriors


At the time of my diagnosis, I was completely green. I had no idea what cancer was. In the midst of the confusion, I posted my dilemma on social media & referrals led me to Limau cancer support group. I felt so low, confused I regretted, I wished it was a bad dream. But with time and listening to stories of others who were walking on the same journey, I found solace. I told myself I only had two choices: to give up or soldier on. And giving up was not an option. Am determined to stay strong.

Dionisia Mugo


My name is Emily Jessica, Diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 1 in 2014.Travelled to India for treatment and am now on medication. Learnt about Limau in 2019 on social media, when I was searching for cancer support group to help my sister who had been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer stage 3B and was undergoing treatment, I was also her care giver.Iam grateful to Limau group ,I learnt a lot especially in terms of the diet for cancer warriors, I wish I knew limau earlier I could have given my mum who died of cancer of cancer of the uterus better care that could have prolonged her life.               Long live Limau warriors

Emilly Jessica


I joined Limau mid 2019 when i was almost giving up in this life, having been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Through the new friends i made in Limau, I got a reason to smile again,I also met young mothers with babies fighting this monster hard. I fight to stay alive for my 1 year old son who I love and want to walk him down the aisle when the right time comes. I have learned alot on diet n staying positive. God bless Limau



Am Dorothy was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4 with mets to the spine, i am a mother of 3. I thought my world had come to an end after a simple fall and boom I was stage 4. Were it not for that fall ,I did chemotherapy, radiotherapy and am on tamoxifen and zyfoss injection.

I was introduced to Limau cancer support group by a friend and from there,my story  changed. I found a home and family that goes through the same thing as I was going through. I have learned and continue learning appreciation n gratitude of life.



Betty Karuri. 56 years old. Breast cancer warrior 2017. Mastectomy and one chemo done in India. 3 chemos and 25 radios in Kenya. Was desperately looking for a support group that I could identify with but throughout my treatment period which was very harsh, I didn't come across any. After my radio, my sister told me about a friend who had started a cancer support group called *Limau*. I joined it and I can say I have benefited in a big way. I got a knitted boobie from Limau in Umoja. The group has diverse members who include nutritionists, counselors etc. I get a lot of strength to continue the fight from experiences and encouragement the warriors share. Limau is an all round group! Strong is our tribe!

Betty Karuri


Iam Lilly,39 years old,a widow and a mother of 2 handsome boys,

I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast cancer last year June after several visits to the hospital, 

I did mastectomy,8 cycles of chemo, 15 sessions of radiotherapy and am now on tamoxifen which am supposed to take for 5 years,

During my 4th chemo in Kijabe I met a friend who introduced me to LIMAU.

Before I joined LIMAU I used to cry a lot coz I knew iam going to die the next day but since I joined this group I have never cried again coz of the many encouragements I get from here..LONG LIVE LIMAU.

All in all God has been so much faithful to me and I thank Him each and every day.



Eva diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3 . Did chemo 6cycles and declined surgery and radio due to my own reasons. A story for another day.... Have not had any other major treatment but try my best to keep my diet to natural foods but I would not lie it's had to follow perfectly. Sometimes I feel so unwell and all that comes to mind is what if...., last year I did  a pet scan and was  okay and now am waiting for my ct scan results. But by God's grace all shall be well. I was  introduced  to Limau by  a friend since then this has been my second home.


carol 1.png

Hi family. My name is Carol.41yrs. In 2012 my late mum was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer I took good care of her she finished treatment well. In 2013 I felt a lump in my left breast and I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 2a too. At the age of 34.it was so traumatizing I underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 16 sessions of radio therapy. So far I thank God because I believe I am healed. Sometimes in 2018 I came across Limau page in facebook and I got interested in the process I got a link and joined whatsapp I was happy to meet a loving family and always ready to meet someone's needs. I really enjoy being here



I'm Muthoni Mwangi aka Tsonia.

Assistant Caregiver to my 18 year old son (The dad is the 100 % caregiver coz they are away from home) who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer of Unknown Primary in Sept/Oct 2019. This came after previous visits to different hospitals but after he paralysed they gave him this diagnosis.

We did 20 sessions of radiotherapy and 6 cycles of oral chemotherapy (Capecitabine) each lasting a month. So we did for 6 months but the doc has suggested we continue for another 3 months.

A lady in one of my Kitengela groups suggested Limau and I was added immediately though I was a member of the Facebook group prior to this.

Guys, there is God who works miracles and cancer is not a death sentence. My son can now walk on crutches. He is no longer in pain. He was counseled and now back to his mental state. We thought he would go mad.

Don't under estimate the power of prayers.

Muthoni Mwangi


Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Stage 2 in Dec 2018; having previously experienced cancer in my family 3 times, I roughly knew what to expect.

Went through single mastectomy, initial chemotherapy, then radiation.

In August 2019, I went to India where I did my PET Scan and started Herceptin treatment. Am currently on remission, doing my Herceptin treatment still to finish later this year.

I came to know of Limau when I posted on a group in Facebook looking for a breast prosthesis and or a mastectomy bra and someone referred me to Limau Cancer Support group on Facebook.

I dropped a message there and was helped and referred also to the WhatsApp group of the same.

It's been a journey made simpler by being affiliated with Limau because that's when you realize you are not alone, you get encouraged, sometimes you cry together with other members and life goes on. The Limau platform has been such a pillar in this journey

Wanjiku Kariuki