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Limau Nutrition Program

Various types of illnesses in modern day are linked to our lifestyle, in one way or the other. The most significant of them all is our nutritional habits and culture. Without proper nutrition, it is almost impossible to achieve and maintain stable health and longevity.

Limau Mashambani is a forum that was conceived to provide a learning platform about proper and healthy nutrition and lifestyle that promote and complement good health. Limau Mashambani’s main objective is to help reduce nutrition related medical conditions such as cancer and other related conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

The initiative not only aims at enlightening cancer patients and society at large about proper and healthy nutrition but also teaches the contributions of indigenous herbs as alternative and complementary remedy to some of the common diseases of our day.

Limau Mashambani envisions a community where people can take control of the foods that they eat, not just as consumers but also as producers of the same foods. We believe that to be able to promote healthy living, we must directly take part in the production chain of the foods that we consume on a daily basis.

With good health being our core objective, Limau Mashambani promotes organic methods of food production to ensure that the foods that we consume are safe and free from the harmful chemical compounds that are associated with pesticides, herbicides and industrial fertilizers that are used in commercial farming and which have been proven to contain harmful chemicals and carcinogens.

Limau Mashambani is also dedicated to researching, exploring and providing education about indigenous herbs and their respective uses and applications as alternative and complementary medicine to help fight cancer and other common degenerative diseases.

With cancer being largely associated with our lifestyle and daily consumption as humans, it is in good faith that we are committed to shedding light on how to live healthily after diagnosis and also how to reduce cases of contraction of the disease for non-patients. For as it is commonly said, there is so much power in prevention than in cure. Limau Mashambani is thus considered a learning portal aimed at recruiting diagnosed cancer patients and members of the larger society into the philosophy of healthy eating for healthy living.

We also have the understanding that not every cancer patient and member of our society are privileged to actively participate in the production of their own food and herbal supplies for a number of practical reasons such as a lack of land resources, work commitment, age barrier among other elements. To bridge this gap, it is the long term vision of Limau Cancer Connection through Limau Mashambani to design and develop purely organic gardens all across Kenya to produce essential foods and herbs for the disadvantaged cancer patients all across the country. We believe this will go a long way in supporting the healing and recovery efforts of patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and other degenerative conditions.

We trust this initiative will not only ensure patients have essential nutritional supplies but also give them back hope and strength to keep fighting and winning against the scourge. We do believe that with the partnership of good hearted citizens of the world, we shall be able to gradually transform Limau Mashambani from a local online forum to a fully fledged lifestyle education powerhouse and healthy nutritional products supplier for cancer patients. Together we can actualize more while serving humanity.

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