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Limau Knitted Boobies DONATE $100

No woman should walk without a breast campaign

Recognizing the stigma associated with Mastectomy and acknowledging the high costs of breast prostheses, Limau has trained over 1000 women to make prostheses with 100% cotton yarn, empowering these women economically and providing an inexpensive option to women who were previously using cabbage leaves, rolled-up T-shirts, and socks instead of prostheses.

Limau breast prostheses cost about $15 relative to their silicone counterparts which retail between $50 and $500. Limau has, over the last years, donated over 200,000 knitted prostheses to breast cancer survivors all over the Country.

This is in collaboration with Likii Tender Hearts Located in Nanyuki. We have donated to cancer hospitals eg Kijabe hospital, Kenyatta National Hospital, Alexandria Cancer Center, and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital, Coast General Hospital, Embu Hospital, MTRH , Nyeri Hospital, Nanyuki Hospital etc which are the most active cancer treatment centers that serve a majority of underserved women.

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