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  1. Limau Boobies; Recognizing the stigma associated with mastectomy and acknowledging just how expensive a silicone breast prosthesis is, Limau has trained over 500 women to make knitted prostheses with 100% cotton yarn. This empowers these women economically and provides an inexpensive option to those who were previously using cabbage leaves, rolled t-shirts, rugs and socks as makeshift prostheses. The knitted prosthetics are much more affordable to produce compared to the very expensive silicone products. The Limau Boobies Project has already donated over 200,000 knitted breast prostheses through partnerships with specialty knitting groups like Likii Tender hearts in Nanyuki and distributing it through hospitals, doctor's offices and charitable organizations.

  2. Sensitization campaigns; Limau has taken steps to raise awareness about cancer prevention, treatment, and patient rights through multiple educational campaigns in partnership with American spaces in Kenya.

  3. Social Support; Limau is dedicated to providing a comprehensive support system to those affected by cancer, which includes its Limau Cancer Support Group on Facebook as well as other online support groups on WhatsApp. Additionally, Limau also organizes monthly offline meetings for women in rural areas without access to smartphones, connecting them with volunteers including medical professionals, dietitians, psychologists, and Limau educators who offer psychosocial support, education, and health and lifestyle advice.

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