Making Lemonade

& Bringing Hope to Limau Warriors

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Support Our Bus Drive

We want to give free breast cancer tests to those who cannot afford it. Support us as we fund-raise to acquire a mobile clinic



Our many members offer inspiring hope and messages of comfort. Help by  donating your time or resources

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Personal stories through testimonials that show the resolve and spirit of the Limau Warriors


Limau Warriors knit woolen ‘breasts’

While breast cancer is responsible for about a quarter of cancer cases in the country every year survivors continue to struggle with high costs of affordable, comfortable prosthetics to wear.

Our Work

Committed to Helping Limau Warriors & Breast Cancer Survivors

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Breast Cancer Stigma

Our Founder Nancy Githoitho Spoke to France 24 Live regarding the efforts we have in place to fight Breast Cancer stigma in Kenya


Embrace Breast Prosthesis

Breast cancer survivors embrace breast prosthesis in Kisumu, Kenya

Cancer Challenges

The cancer menace has been a challenge to many in Kenya. get to learn more about it.

"Ugonjwa wa saratani umekuwa changamoto kubwa kwenye taifa zima la Kenya."

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Restoring breast cancer survivor's confidence a boob a time

See how we are changing lives despite the challenges of overcoming Breast cancer

Giving patients hope to cope with cancer

Find out how our organization is working with those affected with breast cancer in poor communities to give hope to many cancer warriors


Our Purpose

Watch how Nancy Githoitho explains our organizational purpose and our impact on those affected by breast cancer

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Cervical Cancer Story

Watch the powerful story of Schola Waigumo who was diagnosed by cervical cancer

I Am A PINK Warrior!

Some of our Limau warriors were featured on BBC News for the work they do.

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