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Our Goals

  • We strongly believe in taking proactive steps to save lives. 

  • We are committed to strengthening and enhancing the health status of communities by creating awareness about breast cancer through an integrative education model.


  • We are dedicated to using a grassroots approach to ensure current and possible future cancer victims are getting information, resources, and psychosocial support they desperately need to fight and win against this deadly condition.

  • Advocacy

Our Story

Limau Cancer Connection is a grassroots non-profit organization advocating and supporting networks of breast cancer warriors who are underserved and live in marginalized communities in Kenya. LCC was founded in 2018 by Nancy Githoitho, a native Kenyan, in memory of her mother who succumbed to breast cancer. Nancy started by providing donated knitted prostheses to women who were wearing socks, rags, and rolled up t-shirts in empty bra pockets as they could not afford expensive silicone prostheses. Due to the high mortality rates of those stricken with breast cancer in Kenya, Nancy decided to advance education in other villages, where little to no awareness was evident. After the pandemic, Limau Cancer Connection advanced breast cancer awareness by working digitally, with an eye to expanding globally. The organization seeks to continue to extend its charitable services to neighboring countries in pursuit of reducing the cancer mortality rate among underserved black communities. In 2023, Limau Cancer Connection will continue to build its digital presence, aggressively seek donations for its mission, and launch highly visible breast cancer awareness campaigns for underserved communities of color. Limau is a Kiswahili word that means lemon. The organization’s name Limau is a clever twist on the expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” We at Limau say, “When life gives you breast cancer, make a pink lemonade.”

Nancy Githoitho - Founder

Nancy Githoitho is a powerhouse in the fight against breast cancer. After losing her mother to the disease, she founded Limau Cancer Connection to provide support and resources to African and Black American survivors.


She's dedicated to reducing late diagnoses in disadvantaged communities and encourages patients to turn their hardships into "lemonade stories". Nancy has trained over 500 women in support groups and donated 200,000 knitted breast prostheses.


She's been recognized for her work and has even bigger plans, like launching a podcast and providing free mammograms via a bus in Kenya. Nancy is truly an inspiration!

Limau Cancer Connection is a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization registered in San Francisco, CA, USA, with a chapter in Nairobi, Kenya. We are dedicated to raising breast cancer awareness and increasing access to preventive screening and diagnostic services in underserved black communities.

Our Mission

Raising breast cancer awareness in black communities, and providing access to educational materials and resources that help them identify early symptoms of breast cancer.


To lower breast cancer mortality rate within the black communities.   


At Limau, patients and caregivers sit on our Board in the spirit of unity. "Nothing for us without us." At least 80% of our total expenditure is directed towards our programs which address the organization's mission of reducing the high rate of breast cancer mortality.


At Limau, no one is discriminated against based on the stage of their disease, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or tribe. We strive for an inclusive health care experience.


At Limau, we continually strive to operate within human values of community, empathy, kindness, compassion, and familial love.


At Limau, cancer warriors’ lives matter. We care for and protect cancer warriors to always ensure that their voices are heard and expressed without fear of victimization based on their state of health.

Our Impact & Achievements

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